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  • What Is The Wire Cutting Technology Principle?
    Jun 25, 2018

    What is the wire cutting technology principle?


    Wire EDM, sometimes called wire cutting. Its basic working principle is to use a continuous moving fine metal wire as an electrode, and the workpiece is subjected to a pulsed spark discharge to remove metal and cut into shapes. Wire cutting technology is a kind of special processing. It is different from the traditional processing technology that requires the removal of mechanical and mechanical energy. It mainly uses electrical energy to realize the processing of materials. Therefore, the Wire cutting technology is not limited by the material properties and can process any material with hardness, strength, and brittleness, which occupies an important position in the machining process at this stage.


    With the expansion of industrial production scale and the development of manufacturing technology, wire-cutting technology as a special processing technology, with its high processing accuracy, high production efficiency, low power consumption, low manufacturing cost and other characteristics, in the machining production Has been widely used. Especially in the mold processing industry, Wire cutting is widely used in cold die and extrusion die machining, changing the machining mode that was used to separate the die and curve in the past, shortening the manufacturing cycle, reducing the manufacturing cost, and matching accuracy high.


    Precision CNC Wire EDM Parts.jpgWire cutting is the processing of parts through the principle of EDM discharge. The workpiece is connected to the positive pole of the pulsed power supply, and molybdenum wire or copper wire is used as the cutting wire. The wire is connected to the negative electrode of the high-frequency pulse power source as a tool electrode, and the processed part is cut using the spark discharge. The pulsed power supply provides processing energy, and a dedicated wire-cutting working fluid is used to clearly process the debris generated during processing. Under the action of the electric field, the surface of the cathode and the anode are respectively bombarded by the electron current and the ion current, so that an instantaneous high-temperature heat source is formed in the electrode gap to melt and vaporize the local metal. The vaporized working fluid and the workpiece material vapor instantaneously rapidly expand. Under the combined effect of the thermal expansion and the working fluid stamping, the molten and vaporized workpiece material is thrown out of the discharge channel, and a spark discharge process is completed at this point.

    When the next pulse arrives, the above spark discharge process continues to be repeated to form the workpiece. Through CNC programming to control the cutting trajectory of the wire.