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  • What Is The Structure And Composition Of Injection Mould ?
    Aug 06, 2018

    The common Machining process include CNC Machining, CNC turning, Auto lathe turning, CNC Milling,Stamping, Sheet metal fabrication, Casting, Injection molding etc

    The structure and composition of the injection mould 

    1. The molding parts are endowed with the shape, structure and size of the molding material, which are usually made up of the core (convex die), the cavity of the concave die and the thread core. 

    2.The pouring system is a channel that leads the molten plastics from the injector nozzle to the closed die cavity, usually through the mainstream channel, the shunt channel, and so on. 

    3. The guide part set up to ensure the precise alignment of the dynamic and fixed die when closed, which is composed of a guide post and a guide sleeve, which is composed of a guide post and a guide sleeve. Some molds are also equipped with guiding parts on the ejection board to ensure the smooth and reliable movement of the demoulding mechanism. 

    4. The demoulding mechanism realizes the release of molds from plastic parts and gating systems. There are many structural forms of the device, and the most commonly used ones are jacking rods and jacking pipes. The top plate and the pneumatic ejection mechanism are generally composed of the top rod, the reset rod, the slingshot, the top rod fixed plate, the top plate (top ring) and the top plate guide post / guide sleeve. 

    5. The core-pulling mechanism is for plastic parts with side holes or side recesses. In order to meet the requirements of injection molding process, the mold temperature adjustment system must carry out lateral core-pulling or separate slider (lateral parting) before being ejected. 

    6.A device that requires a mold temperature regulating system (such as cooling water, hot oil, electric heating system, etc.) to regulate the mold temperature.

    7. A vent slot is often provided at the parting surface of the mould. The clearance between the push rods or other movable parts of many dies (such as sliders) may also act as an exhaust. 

    8 other structural parts refer to parts provided to meet the structural requirements of the die (e.g., fixed plates, etc.), Moving / fixed formwork, support head, support plate, connecting screw, etc.