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  • What Is The Safety Operation Rules For Milling Workers ?
    Jul 19, 2018

    The common Machining process include CNC Machining, CNC turning, Auto lathe turning, CNC Milling,Stamping, Sheet metal fabrication, Casting, Injection molding etc


    1. Work clothes must be worn when entering the workshop. Do not wear gloves (prevent gloves from hanging from cutting tools, which leads to accidents), and female students must wear work caps (prevent long hair from getting involved in the machine). 2. Before starting, check that the position of the handle and the clamping of the tool are firm and reliable, and the movement direction of the tool and the feed direction of the table are correct. 3. Oil injection holes, idle test (winter must first drive the slow train) for more than 2 minutes, check the oil window and other parts, milling and listen to the sound is normal.     4. Cutting first drive, such as stoppage should first stop feed, back knife before stopping.  5. Concentrate, stick to your post, stop when you leave, and donundefinedt overwork the machine. 6. Do not accumulate too much iron chips on the workbench, do not place tools or other objects on the worktable and track surface, tools should be placed in a specified location. 7.. In cutting, it is forbidden to clean iron chips or add coolant in the same direction as cutting tools.  8. Machine tool speed change, change milling cutter and measure workpiece size, must stop. 9. It is forbidden to feed automatically in both directions at the same time. 10. Milling cutter 10 mm away from the workpiece, no fast feed, no continuous point fast feed. 11. Always pay attention to the lubricating condition of each part. If any abnormal condition or abnormal sound is found, stop the connection immediately. 12. After work, shake the handle to zero, turn off the main power switch, wipe the work card measuring tools, clean the machine, and make the working place clean and tidy.