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  • What Is The Cylindrical Grinding Machine ?
    Nov 07, 2018

    The CNC Machining, CNC turning, Auto lathe turning, CNC Milling,Stamping, Sheet metal fabrication, Casting, Injection molding are the main machining process.

    The cylindrical grinding machine is a kind of grinding machine for machining the cylindrical, conical or other shape line of workpiece. It is widely used and can be used to process all kinds of cylindrical conical outer surfaces and shaft-shoulder end grinders.

    Of all grinding machines, the cylindrical grinding machine is the most widely used type of machine tool. It is generally made up of the cast iron bed, the worktable, the head frame that supports and drives the workpiece to rotate, the tail seat, the grinding wheel holder (the grinding head) for grinding the grinding wheel, and the grinding wheel holder for grinding the grinding wheel. The main components are the transverse feed mechanism which controls the grinding workpiece size, the electrical apparatus and hydraulic device which control the movement of the moving parts of the machine tool. The external grinding machine can be generally divided into common external grinding machine, universal external circle grinder, wide grinding wheel external circle grinding machine, end surface external circle grinder, multi-wheel frame external circle grinder, multi-piece grinding wheel external circle grinder, tangent type external circle grinder and special external circular grinding machine.

    In the 1930s, in order to adapt to the quenching and processing of watches, bicycles, sewing machines and other parts, Britain and Germany developed grinding machines using natural abrasive wheels. These grinding machines, such as lathes and planing machines, were modified with grinding heads. They are simple in structure, low in stiffness and easy to produce vibration during grinding, and require operators to be highly skilled in grinding precision workpieces.

    Grinding machine tools are used to grinding the workpiece surface.

    Most grinding machines use high speed rotating grinding wheel for grinding, a few use oil stone, abrasive belt and other free abrasive materials for processing, such as honing machine, super finishing machine, belt grinding machine, grinding machine polishing machine and so on.

    Grinding machine can process high hardness materials, such as hardened steel, cemented carbide, and brittle materials, such as glass, granite. Grinding machine can do high-precision surface roughness very small grinding, but also for high-efficiency grinding, such as strength grinding.