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  • Thread Machining Of Precision Machining
    Feb 11, 2019

    In precision machining, thread, as a common surface form, can often be used in production. Thread processing is divided into two forms according to its use in production: one is fastening thread, the other is transmission thread. In thread processing production, the main processing methods are rolling and cutting.

    Turning thread parts is the most commonly used method in thread cutting. It can be processed by various horizontal lathes, and the requirements for cutting tools are relatively low, so it is widely used in the thread processing of non-quenched workpieces with various precision. Thread turning can process thread of various shapes, dimensions, sizes and surface requirements, but the production efficiency of thread is low, the quality of machining and external influence is greater, and has a very high technical requirements for operators. So thread turning is mostly used for single-piece or small-batch thread production. If you want to obtain high precision, low surface roughness thread surface, you can use a precision lathe turning.

    Thread milling machining

    Thread milling is usually done on a special milling machine. According to the different structure of milling cutter, it can be divided into two situations: 

    (1) disc thread milling cutter: this kind of cutter is suitable for machining long thread with large pitch. For example: lead screw, etc. This kind of machining method is more suitable for thread with low precision, because the disc thread milling cutter can only be rough, and if it is required for precision, it is necessary to use turning to carry out precision machining after rough machining. 

    (2) comb thread milling cutter: this kind of cutter is a combination of several disc milling cutters. Threads near the shoulder or at the bottom of the blind hole can be machined by this method without the need for receding grooves.

    Thread grinding 

    The grinding method is a kind of high precision thread processing method, which needs to be processed on the special thread grinder just like milling. Quenched high-hardness and high-precision threads are more suitable for this process. In order to ensure the precision of machining, precision machining can be carried out by turning and milling before thread grinding. For precision thread with small size, it can also be made by grinding directly.