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  • The Machining Accuracy Of Laser Cutting
    Jul 10, 2018

    On dimensional changes

    Even in accordance with the procedure of cutting, there are also processing products can not meet the accuracy requirements. So we need to take countermeasures according to different situations.

    1. The overall size of the processed product varies due to the laser focus diameter on the notch and the notch width formed in the surrounding combustion zone. Although the accuracy can be ensured by using the same offset compensation value for the same process under the same conditions, the setting of the focus position is determined by the perception of the processor operator, The thermal lens also causes the change of focal position, so the offset compensation value needs to be checked periodically.

    2. There is a difference in size error in machining direction (part).The accuracy and dimensional accuracy of the upper part of the plate are different. This phenomenon should be taken into consideration in two aspects. First, the distribution of beam roundness and intensity is not uniform, resulting in different width of incision along the direction of processing. The solution is to adjust the optical axis or to clean the optical components. Secondly, the expansion of the heated material will cause the length of the processing direction to become shorter.

    3. Changes caused by warp.Although the dimensional accuracy is within the required range, warpage will occur due to thermal deformation. Processing aluminum, copper, stainless steel and other very significant, it is affected by the linear expansion coefficient, heat capacity and other physical properties. For machining shape, the greater the aspect ratio, the greater the warpage. Using low calorie processing conditions and processing lines to work on the processing program, but it has not yet completely solved the problem.The residual stresses in machining panels also affect warpage and dimensional errors. Therefore, we need to maintain certain direction in the machining process.

    4. Spacing precision change. When machining many holes, the accuracy of spacing between holes and holes will be deviant. Due to thermal expansion, the spacing decreases after cooling and contraction. We can correct the shrinkage part in the program or use the shape zoom flexibly. In any case, it is necessary to determine its processing dimension and make up errors after initial processing. When the interval accuracy does not change with the machining position, but it deteriorates in the whole processing area, the reason is the deterioration of mechanical accuracy.

    5. Roundness change. In laser processing, it is unavoidable to produce a slope on the surface of the hole. The diameter below is larger than that on the back. Generally, the roundness on the side of the back is slightly smaller.