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  • Standard For Inspection Of Parts Of Precision Machinery
    Jan 08, 2019

    The common Machining process include CNC Machining, CNC turning, Auto lathe turning, CNC Milling,Stamping, Sheet metal fabrication, Casting, Injection molding etc.

    In the era of rapid development of industrial production, our precision machinery parts processing industry often receives a lot of precision parts with various shapes. The processing of these precision parts brings convenience to production and life.

    The inspection criteria for precision mechanical parts are:

    1. Appearance check

    1) check the brightness of the machined parts to meet the requirements of the drawings. 

    2) check whether the surface of machine workpiece is damaged, rusted, bumped and thread shape and angle is correct.

    2. Quantity inspection

    1) according to the supply contract and processing voucher, strictly check the material, specification and quantity of the workpiece according to the drawing, and check it one by one.

     2) make the quantity inspection record, write the inspection time, variety, item name, quantity, inspection person name.

    3. Quality inspection:

    1) assemble and test strictly in accordance with the rules and procedures requested by the assembly drawings. 

    2) in the quality inspection should make the record carefully, according to the customer drawing request strict quality inspection;