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  • Small Skills In Processing Non-standard Precision Parts
    Feb 01, 2019

    In the process of processing non-standard precision parts in large mechanical processing plants, although there are a lot of small skills are very unremarkable, but if you can know and master these tips, you will be more efficient with half the effort! Here are some tips that are commonly used in the processing of non-standard precision parts as below:

    Tip 1: remove pliers and process two M4 threaded holes, equalize two thick 1.5mm plates with pincers, rivet thick 0.8mm hard copper plates with aluminum rivets, fix M4 head screws to pliers, and form durable soft pliers. This protects the precision parts from being clamped.

     Tip 2: such as using magnets to absorb small non-standard precision parts is not convenient. Can suck an iron plate under the magnet, it can not only absorb a lot of small precision parts, but also can pull the iron plate, small precision parts will automatically fall into the collection box, very practical.

    Tip 3: if the pulley is sliding between the pulley and the wheel shaft, a series of holes can be drawn with 15~18mm bit on the wheel shaft, which can form the adsorption force and prevent the skid. 

    Tip 4: the workpiece is usually located before clamping, but for some workpieces, because clamping will cause workpiece deformation. Therefore, for such an artifact, we must first clamp and then locate, find 6 positioning points, and find the degree of freedom that limits it.

    Large mechanical processing plants attach great importance to the quality and efficiency of the processing of non-standard precision parts. If they can improve production efficiency more effectively without having to spend a great deal of human and financial resources, These tips are also highly admirable.