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  • Process And Matters Needing Attention In Precision Machining
    Jan 07, 2019

    With the development of society and science and technology, precision machining has become very important in social development, mainly because precision machining occupies an irreplaceable position in different industries. So how to select precision machining manufacturers becomes very important, what is precision machining? High quality precision machining manufacturers should pay attention to what matters?

    Precision machining is a process of changing workpiece, that is, using machining machine to change the shape, size or performance of workpiece. Precision machining, there are two categories of cold processing and hot processing. It is classified by the temperature state in which the workpiece is processed. Generally processing at room temperature, and does not cause chemical or material phase changes in the workpiece called cold processing; generally higher or lower than the normal temperature state of processing, will cause chemical or material phase change of the workpiece called hot processing. Cold machining can be divided into cutting and pressure machining according to the different processing methods. Heat treatment, forging, casting and welding are common in hot working.

    Matters needing attention in the operation flow of precision machining:

    1.Precision machining before work to check whether the movement part is lubricated, then start and check the clutch, brake is normal, and empty the machine running 1-3 minutes, mechanical failure is strictly prohibited. 

    2. All employees before entering the job, ready to carry out parts processing, check their clothing is in line with the requirements of the work. Do not wear slippers, high heels and safety clothing. Long-haired ones should wear hard hats. Work in the right position, have enough spirit to cope with the work, if you feel ill, leave the position immediately, and report to the leader. Operation must be ideological concentration, strictly prohibit small talk, cooperate with each other, the operator must not be irritable, tired state of operation, lest accidents, to ensure the safety of the operation. 

    3. Must wait for other personnel to leave the mechanical work area and remove the sundries on the worktable before starting the power supply to start the machine and process safely. 

    4. Turn off the power and arrange the finished products, materials and sundries to ensure the working environment is clean and safe. 

    5. After the machine is started, the material is transported by one person and operated mechanically. The other person is not allowed to press the electric key or step on the switch board, nor can he put his hand into the mechanical working area or touch the moving part of the machine with his hand. Mechanical work, do not put the hands into the slider work area, do not use the hand to put the workpiece. In punching die, the workpiece must be placed using a standard tool. If any abnormal sound or malfunction is found, the power switch should be switched off immediately for inspection.

     6. Switch off the power when changing the mould, the press movement department stops running before starting to install and debug the mould. After installation and adjustment, use the hand to move the flywheel twice to check whether the upper and lower die is symmetrical and reasonable, whether the screw is strong, and whether the edge holder is in a reasonable position.

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