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  • What is Precsion Casting
    Jun 04, 2018

    The main Machining process are CNC Machining, CNC turning, Automatic lathe turning, Stamping, Sheet metal fabrication, Casting, Injection molding etc.

    Precision casting, refers to the acquisition of precision size casting technology. Compared with the traditional sand casting technology, the precision casting is more accurate and the surface finish is better. It includes: investment casting, ceramic mold casting, metal mold casting, pressure casting, lost mold casting. Precision casting is also called lost wax casting. Its products are precise, complex and close to the final shape of parts. They can be used directly without processing or with little processing. 

    One of the more commonly used is investment casting, also known as lost wax casting: use suitable investment materials (such as paraffin) to make the investment; repeat the process of sticking refractory paint and sprinkling refractory sand on the molten mold; harden the shell and dry it; and dissolve the internal mold. The cavity is obtained; the roasted mold shell is roasted to obtain sufficient strength and burn off the residual molded material; the metal material needed for pouring is cast; solidification and cooling; descaling and sanding; thus the high precision finished product is obtained. Heat treatment, cold working and surface treatment according to product requirement.

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