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  • Machine Casting Parts Casting Process Knowledge
    May 04, 2018

    Machine tool Casting Parts are mainly used for the flat panel manufacturing of machine tools, and simply accept the Casting Parts process. In order to make full use of low-pressure Casting Parts liquid metal under the pressure from the bottom up to fill the Casting Parts, in the process design, should consider the use.

    Low-pressure Casting Parts is a Casting Parts method in which a liquid metal is filled into a cavity and a solidification process is completed under pressure to obtain a Casting Parts. Because of the lower pressure used (20~60kPa), it is called low pressure Casting Parts. The process of the machine tool Casting Parts is: In the sealed crucible (or sealed can), dry compressed air is introduced, and the metal liquid rises along the uptake pipe into the sprue 3 through the inner runner 2 under the action of the gas pressure. Stably enter the cavity 1 and maintain the gas pressure in the surface of the crucible until the Casting Parts is completely solidified. Then the gas pressure on the liquid surface is released, so that the unsolidified metal liquid in the liquid riser flows back to the crucible, and then the type is opened and the Casting Parts is taken out.

    The basic characteristics of the low-pressure Casting Parts process: filling speed, pressure can be adjusted. The Casting Parts used for low pressure Casting Parts are of the metal type and non-metal type. The metal type is mostly used for mass production of non-ferrous metal Casting Parts. Non-metal Casting Parts are mostly used for single-piece and small-batch production. For example, sand type, graphite type, ceramic type and fusion model shell can be used for low pressure Casting Parts, and more are used in production. Still sand type. However, the air permeability and strength of low-pressure Casting Parts sand-type molding materials should be higher than that of gravity Casting Parts. The gas in the cavity is discharged by the exhaust passage and sand particles.

    The part of the Casting Parts that is away from the gate is solidified first, and the gate is finally solidified, so that the Casting Parts is fed through the gate in the solidification process and solidification is achieved.