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  • Auxiliary Equipment Required For Precision Parts Processing
    Mar 13, 2019

    Cnc machining is now a high-level process of precision parts processing, the general purpose of this type of processing parts are relatively small, because of the high precision requirements for the parts, the price will naturally go up. So the scope that can be applied will be smaller. So which precision parts need to be processed by cnc? In the process of production, different workpieces need to be processed and manufactured, in fact, most of them are due to the customerundefineds needs to be constant. Some of the components are used for some precision equipment, such as medical equipment, electronic equipment, etc. This type of components will be high in processing complexity, but also a difficult problem for many manufacturers to produce in large quantities.

    Generally speaking, the number of parts that need to be processed by cnc will be less, but the shape of machining will be more complex. Parts do not require very complex tooling, but require a variety of shapes, which is also the difficulty of manufacturing the whole workpiece. In the process of processing, because of the need for a stable quality level, and the precision of the processing requirements are relatively high, so we need to carry out cnc processing. It is more common in daily life that the precision axis and optical fiber tail handle and other parts, some of these parts need to be processed to a degree that cannot be observed by the naked eye, so the processing technology requirements for operators are relatively high.

    And can not carry on the mass production, this kind of parts carries on the mass operation cannot guarantee the quality relatively stable, therefore can carry on the small batch production only. Of course, in the current manufacturing industry, the demand for such components is also relatively limited, so only some large-scale manufacturers will provide corresponding production services.