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  • CNC Machining Parts

    • CNC Machining Small Parts
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      CNC Machining Small Parts

      Keyword: Cnc Precision Machining Parts
      Size: Customized sizes
      Application: auto spare parts
      Certification: ISO9001:2008 SGS
      Roughness of surface: Ra≤0.1μm
      Precision: +/-0.005mm~+/-0.02mm
      Tolerance: 0.05mm-0.1mm
      Process: Custom cnc machining
    • CNC Machining Large Parts
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      CNC Machining Large Parts

      Keywords: custom cnc large parts,cnc lathe parts
      Material: Aluminum, Copper, Stainless steel,Iron,Resin, Plastic,custom material
      Machining Type: Lathing, Milling, Grinding,Drilling,Turning,Wire EDM, Laser ,etc.
      Surface treatment: Thermal...
    • CNC Machined Parts USA
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      CNC Machined Parts USA

      Tolerance: +/-0.01mm
      Surface Roughness: N4~N7
      Surface Treatment: Powder Coating / Anodizing / Zinc Plating / Nickel Plating
      Material: ABS / Nylon / Acetal / Delrin/PC
      Logo: Available
      OEM / ODM: Yes
      Application: Industrial Machinery Equipment
    • Precision CNC Machine Parts
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      Precision CNC Machine Parts

      Material: Stainless Steel Aluminium Copper
      Surface treatment: Plating Anodizeing Painting
      Size: Customized Size
      Certification: ISO9001:2008
      Tolerance: 0.05mm
      Inspection: full inspect
      Application: Industry and machinery
    • CNC Machine Parts UK
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      CNC Machine Parts UK

      Material: Aluminum
      Size: Different size, according to client
      Process: Cnc Machining+deburrs
      Tolerance: +/-0.05mm
      Color: Accordding to client
      Surface treatment: Plating, Anodizing color, Passivation, Oxidative blackening
    • CNC Machine Parts Online
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      CNC Machine Parts Online

      Name: CNC Machine Parts online
      Application: auto automotive motorcycle
      Process: turning
      Certification: ISO 9001 SGS
      Material: stainless steel/steel/brass/alumiuminum/copper/brass
      Size: different size/according to client
      Surface treatment:: zinc...
    • CNC Machine Small Parts
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      CNC Machine Small Parts

      Name: CNC Machining Parts
      Application: auto parts
      Process: turning
      Item: CNC presicion machining part
      Finish: polishing, zinc plating, nickel plating, chrome plating
      Heat Treatment: quench and tempering
      Certification: ISO 9001 SGS
    • CNC Machining Aerospace Parts
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      CNC Machining Aerospace Parts

      Product Name: High Demand Precision Aerospace Aircraft Aluminum Cnc Machining Parts
      Material: Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel,Carbon Steel,etc
      Surface treatment: anodizing, Ni/Cr/Zinc plating,sand blasting,electrophoresis,etc
      Application: Industrial Equipment
    • CNC Machined Parts Quote
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      CNC Machined Parts Quote

      Processing method: CNC Milling,CNC Lathe, Drilling,other processing
      Material: Aluminum, Alloy ,Steel,Stainless steel,Brass, Copper, Bronze etc
      Surface finish: Sandblasting ,Anodized,Polish ,silk-screen printing
      Drawing format: step/ igs / dwg / pdf/ prt etc
    • China CNC Machining Parts
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      China CNC Machining Parts

      Item: Aluminum CNC Machining Parts
      Material Types: Stainless Steel,Aluminum,Copper,Brass,Bronze,Steel,Zinc Alloy etc
      Sizes: Customize As Your Specification
      Service: OEM ODM Aluminum CNC Machining Parts
      Applications: Automotive, Medical, Construction, Machinery,Food,...
    • CNC Lathe Machine Parts
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      CNC Lathe Machine Parts

      Product name: cnc precision lathe machine parts
      Material: Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper,stainless steel ,steel alloys
      Color: Surface can be treated in any color
      cnc parts Process: CNC milling
      Tolerance:: 0.01-0.02mm
      Inspection: full inspection
    • CNC Machine Part Programming
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      CNC Machine Part Programming

      Material Capabilities: Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Hardened Metals, Precious Metals, Stainless Steel, Steel Alloys
      Place of Origin: Xiamen, China (Mainland)
      Surface treatment: Zinc Plating
      Processing Type: cnc machining parts
      Product Type: OEM Parts
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